Orange County Vasectomy Reversal

Orange County Vasectomy Reversal

What Happens to Sperm During a Vasectomy Reversal

If you have recently had your vasectomy done (within the past decade), there is a very good chance that your vasectomy reversal will be a complete success. If your vasectomy was done 15 or 20 or more years ago, you have a lesser chance that your Orange County vasectomy reversal will be successful for you and that you'll once again be able to impregnate your female partner. Vasectomy reversals are typically best for reversing a vasectomy that was completed a few years ago.

How Your Sperm Are Made

If something should happen and pregnancy is not achieved with sperm retrieval, the procedure has to happen again in order to have another chance at pregnancy. In addition, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Urological Association both endorse vasectomy reversal over sperm retrieval. Dr. Aaron Spitz says that in Orange County vasectomy reversal is recommended over sperm retrieval.

Orange County Vasectomy Reversal

The vasectomy reversal, done using microsurgical techniques, is more cost effective and is considered by many to be more ethical than sperm retrieval. Most medical associations and boards would recommend the Orange County vasectomy reversal to the sperm retrieval. But there are many couples that view sperm retrieval to be the best method for their particular needs. If a couple decides that they will only want one more child, for instance, they may decide that sperm retrieval is the way to go, according to Dr. Aaron Spitz, a leading urologist.

Dr. Spitz says the success rate for any kind of vasectomy reversal is increasing each year, as technology improves. Current success rates for microsurgery can be as high as 95 percent. You should talk with your surgeon about your different options to you to determine which way is the best way for you to go. Most couples end up with the vasectomy reversal surgery in order to allow for a more natural reproduction process.

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